What is tidyp?

tidyp is a program that can validate your HTML, as well as modify it to be more clean and standard. tidyp does not validate HTML 5.

libtidyp is the library on which the program is based. It can be used by any other program that can interface to it. The Perl module HTML::Tidy is based on this library, allowing Perl programmers to easily validate HTML.

tidyp is a fork of the tidy project.


Most users of tidyp will want to download a source tarball. The latest release is tidyp 1.04.


Older releases are available at the tidyp download page.

Source repository

The tidyp source is hosted at github: petdance/tidyp.

Bug tracking

Bug tracking is also hosted at github: petdance/tidyp issues.

Mailing list

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